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Welcome to A Ultimate tropical Paradise

Lombok is an island in West Nusa Tenggara Province , rich in culture and un spoilt beaches with spectacular landscave , We have Slogan when you come to Lombok that " We see Bali in Lombok but can not see Lombok in Bali " the reason is we can observe Balinese culture in west part of Lombok and see some hindus Temple and culture , Bali have popular beach called Kuta Beach and in Lombok also have Kuta Beach in south part of Lombok is one of the best spot for surfing , We have Tete Batu in east part of the island with natural enviorment and tropical rain forest with fantastic terrace rice filed like in Ubud, Gili islands in north side of the island known as the best under water for diving and snorekling with white sandy beach.

Lombok is Bali'neighboring island in the east,its possesses its diferrent charms, The sasak is the majority ethnic group customs, language and trditional are unique, sasak features the blend of caucasian ,face,short neck, straight hair and brown skin are dominantly moslem and the majority of the island's inhbitats.

The tourism on the island was widely intrduced in 1980th until when the island had alittle experince of visitors and even majority of the islanders re unaffected by tourism . The island has surfeit holiday destianations with unspoiled beach, indigenius etnic settlements, quit back water village, craft village beatiful scenery and rice terrace carved into lanscave of stunning beauty. The gilis ( small islands ) surrounding Lombok are the underwater paradise for divers and snoreklers .

Lombok is not Bali , the island is only 20-odd km apart by deep strait called Lombok strait , It is here that Alfred Russel Wallace who has a little known Naturalist drew his famous line , Now is known , as Wallace line. it starts southeast of the Philiphinese , passing between the land of Mindanaos and Sangihe , runs south between Kalimantan and Sulawesi and out into indian ocean after dissecting Bali and Lombok. This line marks the center of transitional ( also called Wallacea ) and evolutionary zone where the lands, flora and fauna of subtropical southeast Asia make a sudden and quite and dramitic transition into the earth , plan and animal typical of Australia.

Wallace explain due the dept of Lombok strait , the species never managed to cross between the islands, While the strait between Bali and Java reach depth of only 200 meters , those between Bali and Lombok ( the line ) reach depth from 200 meters to staggering 3000 meters.
Where, otherwise the island of Lombok may have bathed in relative obscurity for many more years . With Wallace line , Lombok was not only on the world map but the island would forever be connected to the most epoch making advanced in the theories about the evolution of the life on our planet.

Lombok population is 2,6 million with majority of religon are moslem and the rest are Hindust , Christian , Budhis and Christian with high respect each other , They been living for many years side by side with peacefull with the slogan of Indonesian in generally called " Bhineka Tunggal Eka " ( Unity in Diversity ).
The native people of Lombok called " Sasak " in translation of ethimology means " Tembasak " is an old tradtional Lombok sarung , or other story said that Sasak mean " little boat which made from Palm tree " the story was told that the native people of Lombok came from West Asia in past they go cross over to Lombok island with small baot which made from palm tree or "Sasak" .
The moslem came to Lombok on 13th century ago brought by Javanese people who cross over from west of Indonesia.

The climatetation in Lombok is .
Lombok is tropical island which rich of plantation , rain forest ,and north side of the island is montainy and hilly , majority of Sasak live as formers with three times year s of harvest especial in West , East , North side of the island while south part of the island is dryer .
Lombok is easily access with direct flights from Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Perth, Australia. Bali is only a 20 minute flight away.

Many major airlines fly into Jakarta or Denpasar Bali (KLM, Garuda, Qantas, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airlines, etc.) Silk Air also flys directly from Singapore to Lombok.

We can arrange for a car to pick you up at Mataram airport, Lombok and transfer you to the island by speedboat.

By Plane
Garuda and Merpati fly from Jakarta to Denpasar Bali, several times a day. There are also   frequent daily flights from Bali to Lombok. You can also get domestic flight direct to Mataram, Lombok from major airport in Indonesia. Silk Air offers a direct International flights from Singapore to Lombok. We are happy to assist you in the booking of domestic flights.
You have a few choices airlines between Bali and Lombok. Merpati has 6 scheduled flights throughout the day and offer the most flexibility on times. Trigana air and International Air Transport offer 2 scheduled flights throughout the day. We can arrange the flights for you from our office, or on arrival into Denpasar you can take a short 5 minute walk to the domestic area and book the tickets yourself. The flight is approximatly 25 minutes and costs between $40-$45 USD each way (price is approximate and depends on the time of year).

By Boat
Regular shuttle bus and boat departure every morning from hotel in Bali allways be the cheapest option to Get to Lombok by Slow ferry , this trip its long journey but its nice to have sometime in the ocean enjoy the beautiful landscave of Bali and Lombok throught Lombok strait. The trip takes about 8 hours depending on the currents between Bali and Lombok. It is a lovely day sailing and includes lunch and drinks can be bought on board. It is a great place to meet new people and enjoy the beautiful coastlines of Indonesia. Some speed boat running everymorning from Lombok - Bali - Lombok.
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