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Mount Rinjani lies within the boundaries of the Gunung Rinjani National Park, a 40.000 ha reserve on the island of Lombok Indonesia. Being just one of several peaks that are the remains of extinct volcano that have collapsed in on themselves, the summit reaches a heady 3,726m above sea level. Lying within the 6km by 8km caldera is lake Segara Anak ( child of the Sea ). Covering over 1200ha, Segara Anak sink to 230m at its deepest point. It is essential that the force needed to have created such an enormous cavity would be equal to nearly 300 Hiroshima atom-Bomb. The result of such violent is an unforgettable tropical landscape. This fresh water lake is home to a variety of fish, with the most dominant species being Carp and Nile tilapia fish.
In the southern shores of Lake Segara Anak grow Gunung Baru, a relativity new Volcano cone which only began to appear in 1942. The cone summit is already approximately 300m above the Lake level and last eruption was 2004.In close proximity to the camping ground on the shore of the lake are thermal pools which are fed superheat water from the volcano's underground ducts. The mineral deposits in the spring are said to have incredible healing and medicinal properties.

The Park abounds in wildlife including the Ebony leaf Monkey, Long Tailed Grey macaque, Barking Deer, Leopard Cat, Porcupine, Wild Pig, Sulphur Crested Cockatoo and an abundant number of plant and tree species. Famed for its tremendous beauty and eerie isolation, Mount Rinjani is Indonesia's second highest mountain outside Irian Jaya. Although it is a dominant geographical phenomenon, its peak is rarely seen from the low lands, as it is often shrouded in cloud.
The Mount Rinjani offers the adventures( Rinjani Trekking ), awesome scenery, waterfall, rain forest, wildlife, hot spring, caves, demanding hiking, pristine lake, interesting culture and of course a volcano.As an active volcano complex, mt Rinjani areas can be developed as ecotourism object, and as a natural museum volcano. There are two cones in its caldera lake, Segara anak, namely mt.Rombongan(2,110M),and mt.Barujari(2,376M).
Located mt.Rinjani in Lombok island with the geographic position of 825' South Latitude and 11628' East Longitude. A volcano viewing Station has been built in the mt.Rinjani area, situated in Sembalun Lawang. It is manned by two officers working on shift 24 hours a day. Their tasks are to monitor volcano activities both in visually and seismically.

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